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On November 15th, 2017 Christie’s sold Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” or “Savior of the World”. The painting, dating from around 1500, went for $450.3 million with fees and set the new record for any work of art sold at auction. In 2013, Sotheby’s sold the painting privately for $80 million to Yves Bouvier, a Swiss art dealer and businessman. Soon afterward, he sold it for $127.5 million, to the family trust of the Russian billionaire collector Dmitry E. Rybolovlev. Mr. Rybolovlev’s family trust was the seller on Wednesday night. Christie's brilliant marketing campaign included this video in which you can see viewers and reacting to seeing the work for the first time. To add to the sensationalism, Jerry Saltz wrote an incendiary article published days before the sale. Clearly, this did not effect bidders but only added to the media circus surrounding the work. 

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